Access Control System Installation and Maintenance in Cardiff, South Wales

Securing your organisation’s premises, assets and your staff should be a major priority for your company, installing an access control system can help you achieve this

Access control systems are the most efficient way to prevent unauthorised access to your premises, which is important for the safety and security of your employees, as well as the security of your buildings, assets and systems.

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Access Control Types

Standalone Access Control
PC Based Access Control

Access Control Door Entry

Video Intercom
Proximity Reader Entry Systems (Card/Fob/Tag/RFID)
Keypad PIN Code Entry Systems
Face Recognition Entry System
Fingerprint Entry System

Access Control Integration

All of our Access Control installations will integrate with our other security solutions CCTV; Vehicular Gates, Barriers and Bollards; Automatic Number Plate Recognition; Pedestrian Gates and Turnstiles systems should any of these be required.

Email, text and other alerts

Any activity, especially irregular activity, at any door can trigger an alert via email, text, pop-up, etc.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

No More Lost Keys
No Undetected Strangers
Reduce Chaos of After-hour Shifts
Secure Sensitive Information
Increase Safety
Reduce Theft and Accidents
Know Who’s Coming and Going


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Frequently Asked Questions

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